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We are a special entertaining company, based on Budapest since 1998.

As a professional acting group we have won awards in Hungary and also in Los Angeles 2013 and 2001, and as a festival invitation, we successfully performed dramas twice in England – in English.

Today – beside our film and art projects –, our group represent a unique segment of entertaining.

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We play interactive murder mysteries, corporate detective theme parties, crime simulation style team building activities, business events and investigations for ‘Cops’. We create and play these indoor and outdoor programs both in English and in German.

Worth to know,  these plays are not only funny, challenging, exciting and “deadly amusing” but base on the science of human nature, so attendees get a possibility to observe special characteristics of human behaviour to prosper better in life.

Hopefully You will love one of our incentive programmes, so we can travel to you and entertain You or Your Partners wherever it is needed. Be our virtual guest now, it is our pleasure to guide You through our ideas. Do not forget to check our nice referental list!

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Stay hot on the trail!

SCAVANGERS – city challenge - NEW

A special  SCAVENGER HUNT type city challengeFunny and quick tasks for teams, which makes you familiar with the historical and cultural memories of the given town and Hungarians/Hungary.As a speciality : actors, animators, street musicians and gastro surprises are included.Teams contribute one solution part to the overall challenge.


The Forgery - NEW

Colonel Imre Gosztola, a detective who has suffered an accident, asks the teams for help with a case of one famous Vaszary painting. However, the investigations into the whereabouts of the painting leads to unexpected events – interrogation of suspects, information from strangers on the street, beggars, restorers, visits to renowned sights, complicated codes and strange drinks. And in a search that takes unexpected turns, our detectives are not even allowed to pray in peace. Chances are, the painting will turn up in some form, and the faces of the participants will brighten up by the end.



One of our most wanted and most successful play of all: 

and the one that has been played in English language the most, as well. The story has been specifically developed as an interactive team-building game. It is really „deadly” amusing, but at the same time, it’s based on the true knowledge of human nature.

It is interactive, because after that participants have formed groups (as bureaus of investigation, intelligence agencies, scotland yards, cop offices…), they can play different roles and can investigate as real detectives in real movies.

They need to nose about the murderer or murderers and find out the relationships. Then need to convince their team partners of their theories! This play is not just for those who like being active in such situations, but for those, too, who prefer observing things while sitting in their „comfortable armchairs” – by the way, it happened many times, that they were the ones, who gave the exact, crystal-clear clue of the crime. The purpose of the game of course is to get the principals, to prove or demonstrate why and how they have committed the crime and put them into jail!

Knowledge of human nature? Proper team work? Logic? Pure common sense??
Have you ever wanted to be a Colombo, just to know what can a true detective’s life be? Or do you prefer defend the innocents, as Mr Petrocelli did?
Would you like to know what is it like to be part of the jury and decide over life and death?  Can you convince your team of your theory? Do you want to know how far you go to make agreements ? Or  you better just watch as others play? Just take a chance! The leading part is yours!

The story is about three brothers: a twin and their younger brother. One of them suddenly dies at the really beginning of the program, and it turns out that his death was caused by poisoning. The investigation must clear the circumstances of his death, must find out important relationships regarding to his life and gives a chance for the detectives to interrogate the family members in a hearing-room… The tough and deep search will bring us in the middle of  accidents, family affairs, pharmaceutical stocks and dirty drug-businesses down in Columbia… The story never stops changing and being intresting – and when you think you have the solution – is the exact point in the story, when everythings turns on its head!

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Stay hot on the trail!



( outdoor, indoor,  / activity level: 5)

A true team building, where the actors and even Scully joins the investigation.
Hard-hitting story, brainstorming and sightseeing on the streets. At the best, it is not impossible at all!

 This program is a team building activity: a mission impossible style detective challenge rich in action, team-play and brilliance. The crime to be investigated unfolds in medias res. Agent Scully will bring teams into adventures, as clues, witnesses and relatives (professional actors) are to be searched and found in specific area. Teams has to puzzle together the information for a solution to the crime at the end of the game. This activity is not only for people who are really active in situations like this, but for those, who prefer taking part as a control center, interrogator, spy, data organizer, logistics manager of the group or even as a silent observer (who sometimes give the most brilliant clues of the story) as well.
A memorable and extreme detective-style sight-seeing tour without limits –  where a mission is not always impossible!

 Participants are invited for an ‘important’ but naturally false brief, where they unexpectedly became eye- and ear-witness of a crime. After a shot, agent Scully arrives and informs participants that what they have seen is not just a matter of coincidence… She shows the photo of the murdered woman and asks for the talented agents (participants) help her to tackle this crime.

Brief: Scully asks the detectives to form their own bureaus, agencies, police stations – and name their captains. Teams receive their top-secret files and begin to investigate. Investigation: One of the most exciting part of the game is to search and found witnesses and relatives (professional actors) in a specifically designated areas in various parts of a town. We have special information also to be found.

Areas, spots: This activity gives a special possibility to select and visit the given place/town’s most famous, unique or special places – and its also possible to visit our Partner’s special requests (churches, squares, bath, museums, bridges, bars, pubs, gardens, libraries, cemeteries, markets, labyrinths…).

Rating: After teams have found all the clues and puzzled together their formation for a solution, they write up a report sheet to Scully. She reads out the different explanations – and of course shares the details of the real solution. The winning team is announced and gifted.

Focus on: outdoor, team work, logical skills, leadership, individual strengths and attributes in a groupActivity level: 5 (0-5)Duration: 2-4 hours, as needed 

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(indoor / activity level: 2)

A new case, MON AMI !
An ex-husband… moreover a dead ex-husband! Well, it’s not a good perspective in life! Inform Police and travel after us Miss Lemon. I count on your help.”” Poirot

 Poirot and Captain Hastings experience an exciting adventure again together with their guests on the Orient Express.
As their beloved train travels through Paris, Vienna, Budapest and Istanbul the dark details of a new murder start to be revealed in front of the „passengers” who can also contribute in the capture of the murderer at the end of the investigation.  
 The time travelling in costume happens around mistresses, lovers and ex-husband and wife who are waiting for the reveal of the mysterious murder from Poirot with the participation of a train guard and a waiter. And Poirot makes no delay in following up the emerged questions entirely.      

The events begin with the travelling of  Miss Lemon and her female friend and soon they continue with a dead ex-husband. The crime play can be a pleasant and special dash of color of a partner meeting as the program does not require much interactivity from the guests. After having seen the 3 main scenes of the story, the guests sitting at each table may submit the filled out data sheets either individually or as groups formed from the company at the table. They can mark the supposed offender/offenders and they may give reasons about the motives. After a short time of evaluation, the official reconstruction is taking place about what happened, and then Poirot himself acknowledges the owners of the winning solutions.

Focus on: indoor, observation, theater type, entertainment,  dinner typeActivity level: 2 (0-5)Duration: 45-50 minutes (or 3x15min)

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(indoor / activity level: 2)

Julia Roberts? Jack Nicolson or Vivien Leigh?

They”ll show up this night ! Dont miss it!

You will see and hear with your own eyes and ears when the greatest movie stars are playing their most memorable roles.
Georgeos actors and actresses on screen and LIVE playing touchy and homorous scenes of Oscar winner films.

But what we are really interested in: is You. Do you like films? Are you familiar with directors, super stars and stories?

The knowledge of your team will be tested  through a special quiz game.
We won’t make it easy: some scene will happen in front of you with the help of our actors, props, similar costumes and background…

Do you remember the faces, the lines…. the title??
We”ll see! Take your seats…
The show is on, Oscar is waiting for You.

Bet around the World

A special SCAVENGER HUNT type city challenge
Funny and quick tasks for teams, which makes you familiar with the historical and cultural memories of the given town and Hungarians/Hungary.
As a speciality : actors, animators, street musicians and gastro surprises are included.
Teams contribute one solution part to the overall challenge.


Stay hot on the trail!